21 Feb

I haven’t been on this blog for years.

Every look at it reminds me of such a different, yet similar period of my life.

It reminds me of my childhood dream: the dream to change the world. When I started this blog, I thought writing into cyberspace would do just that. Overtime, I realized that writing into cyberspace didn’t change the world, but it changed mine. This tiny little blog and its tiny little posts strengthened me and made me feel invincible enough to move onto the next stage of my life: to change the world via writing in magazines.

So far, I’ve published dozens of articles that address social issues and revelations that I discover on a daily basis. One of my pieces has even been awarded by the University of Virginia.

Writing and starting tiny, little projects that revolve around my writing has gradually helped me discover who I am, who I want to be, and what I want to achieve. And for that, I will always be grateful and thankful, especially towards this ferocious blog of mine.

Life’s Calling

5 Oct

BRB!! To clarify my absentee-ness on the blog, I’d like to shout out a BRB! For a little while, I’m on hold. But don’t worry, Ferocity’ll BE BACK- in no time!!

Mexico Turns Magical

29 Sep

WOWZA! Definetley prefer this over our FOAM celebrations on National Day!  Mexico turns magical as they celebrate their 200th anniversery of the beginning of their War of Independence. Love the decor, enthusiasm, and spirit! Millions participated in Mexico’s day of patriotism, as Mexico turns MAGICAL!

Search, Save

27 Sep

Wish Tarsheed thought of this first! Instead of annoyingly calling people to promote saving electricity, SAVESWATTS was created! Its basically another version of GOOGLE, that uses a black background instead of a white one. It apparently takes up less WATTS! Who KNEW!

GOLD ATM Machine

22 Sep

ATM machines are simple: swipe a credit card and withdraw cash gold!! Yes, GOLD! A gold ATM machine exists in the Emirates Hotel, Abu DHBAI!

The gold ATM, a GOLD TO GO machine, dispenses one-gram, five- gram, and ten-gram bars of gold, and gold coins! Who needs paper money when you can withdraw and walk around with gold bars instead? Cash is sooo overrated!!

Pizza in a Cone

22 Sep

Who needs annoying slices of PIZZA when you can have PIZZA in a CONE?!! From peporoni to vegetarian, Pizza Cone, found in Bahrain’s City Centre, has most toppings in a cone!

Talk about INVENTIVE! Looks fun to eat!!